What is Lake County Fight Against Heroin?

The Lake County Fight Against Heroin group aims to do the following:

  • Connect people suffering from addiction and their families with resources that can get them immediate and effective help
  • Reduce the stigma of heroin and opiate addiction and increase community awareness
  • Lobby for long-term solutions that bring real help to those who need it





(440) 701-6777


Need Help Now? Start Here.

for the person who has an addictive disease

  • Get Help That Works Right Now
  • Stop the Stigma
  • The Recovery Process
  • Detox & Withdrawal Help
  • Rehabilitation Help
  • Support for Addiction Survivors

for the community

  • Upcoming Events
  • Get Involved - How You Can Help
  • Letters of Hope
  • Current Legislation that Needs Your Support
  • Real Stories of Loss & Recovery in Lake County

For the families of those with an addictive disease

  • You Can Help - Here's How
  • Learn more about the brain disease of addiction so you can better support your loved one
  • Support for the Families of Addiction Survivors
  • Grief Support for Friends and Families


  • America's "War on Drugs" has failed. It's time for a new approach to this disease.
  • Stop the Stigma. Get people the help they need.
  • Changing the Law: Here's what we've accomplished so far

for the roommates and friends of those with an addictive disease

  • Be Prepared - Learn About Naloxone and how to obtain it
  • Learn to spot signs of an overdose
  • Here's what to do if your friend overdoses
  • 911 Good Samaritan Law means you won't get in trouble

important news & updates

  • Click here for the latest developments on the battle against heroin and other opioids

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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